Writtle Wround Rules, Info & Entry


The Writtle Wround 50k Trail Race 25 July 2021

This Essex Trail Events ultra starts and finishes at the excellent facilities of Writtle University College and visits the scenic villages of Blackmore, Willingale, Good Easter and Pleshey and incorporates stretches of the Essex Way, St Peter’s Way and the Saffron Trail.

Apart from two marshalled crossings of the A414 the route is on footpaths, tracks and minor country lanes. The route is mainly through arable country and reasonably flat throughout. (The lowest point is 85 feet and the highest 335 feet). Navigation is by narrative route description provided on the day. 

There will be checkpoints at Blackmore village hall (9 miles), Willingale cricket pavilion (15 miles), Good Easter sports pavilion (20 miles) and Pleshey village hall (24 miles). All checkpoints will provide hot and cold drinks, snacks and will have toilet facilities and shelter. There will probably be some mobile drink stations in addition. 

There will be a light meal and showers available at the finish at the college.

All entrants will receive a T shirt and all finishers a medal.

There are excellent free parking facilities at the college.

Please note there is a 7½ (8½ see below) hour time limit. Cut offs will be 1h50m (11.20am) at 9 miles , 3h15m (12.45pm) at 15 miles, 4h30m (2pm)at 20 miles and 5h30m (3pm) at 24 miles.

There  will be an early start for slower runners at 8.30am. However the first checkpoint at 9 miles will not 

 open until 10.15am. Anyone arriving earlier will have to wait until then to continue. All cut offs will remain the same.

Route map can be found here



We are hoping this will be a friendly fun event but we need a few rules to keep everybody happy.

1. This is a trail race with no marshals or route markings so it is possible you could go off course, either accidentally or deliberately. If you are not on our course you might be trespassing. If you know you’ve made a mistake which shortened the route please tell us when you finish. If you choose to follow people rather than read the route description as you go along please ask yourself a few questions. a) Does the person I’m following know where they are going? b) Is that person I’m following in turn following someone else and does that someone else know where they are going? And c) Are any of these people  actually in the race? We don’t want you arrested for stalking.

2. Anyone dropping litter will be disqualified. We run in the countryside because it is beautiful. Please keep it that way. The checkpoints should provide you with plenty of sustenance, but if you do carry your own supplies please hand any wrappings in at a checkpoint.

3. We like to think that trail running is a lot friendlier than road running and it costs nothing to say hello to fellow runners and countryside users. Please be considerate to everyone you meet particularly to horse riders and their mounts. 

4. You must run with a mobile phone switched on and fully charged. This will comply with our risk assessment. In absolute emergency please dial 999. Only use our number if you wish or need to drop out. If you are temporarily lost retrace your steps to where the route description makes sense.

5. UKA rules do not permit running with dogs (or any other animals).

6. There will be marshals in the first mile and at the two crossings of the A414. Please do as they instruct particularly at the A414. There is very good line of sight but the traffic can be very fast. The marshal will be the judge of whether it is safe to cross or not. The penalty for ignoring the marshal will be disqualification or worse. There will be some prizes at the finish but they are certainly not worth risking yours and other people’s lives for.

7. There will be no refunds for withdrawal but we will transfer your place to the next runner on the waiting list, or a runner nominated by you, as long as you let us know by June 26th. Transfers will not benefit from any discounts received by the original entrant, so the recipient of the transfer will be responsible for any supplementary payment. We will handle the finances on a transfer if needed and refund you less a £10 admin fee, assuming that your place is taken up by another runner. No admin fee is payable if you arrange the payment yourself, in which case all you need to do is provide the new runner's name, date of birth and contact details. If they are not UKA affiliated they will need to pay the £2 levy, if not already paid.

8. There will be no deferrals. We may offer a reduced entry fee to entrants who had to withdraw after June 26th 2020 or were not able to transfer their entry prior to that date. 

9. The race directors’ decision is final.


Entries TBA